Game Rules
1.0 Rights

Only users that are 18 years and above.
2.0 Username

Avoid offensive words when choosing your username.
3.0 Game

Minimum stake amount is $0.1. You cannot accept or create an invitation when your money is below $0.1.
3.1 Game

A user cannot accept or create a game until the current or previously finished game is cleared by the chess sever.
3.2 Game

A User cannot withdraw or resign from a game. As games do not have resign/draw clickable options. Games can only be Won, Lost or Drawn.
3.3 Game Commission

We takes 0.1% commission from the total bet/stake of any game won.
4.0 Tournaments/Teams

Tournaments are hosted only by the  Server..
5.0 Funds

Minimum Deposit/Withdrawal is $5.
6.0 Personal Attacks

You are not allowed to make personal attacks against other users in the game private chat. If you do so, you will be given 1 weeks game ban. If you have a complaint against a user, you can send these 3 items to support
1)The game ID.
3)Your complain.

7.0 Game Manipulation

Manipulation of any kind is forbidden. Once evidence has shown that a user has thrown a game he/she will be removed from  (Money will Refund).

Game reserves the right to adjust the rules at anytime. Administrators decisions are final.

If you break one of these rules, your account will either receive a ban or you could be suspended permanently(But  Money will Refund).

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